Tips & Tricks For At Home Facials

At-home facials are a quick and easy way to keep your skin radiant and glowing. When too much time lapses between pamper sessions, skin becomes dull and tired looking. It is amazing how much that little 10-20 minute session can do for perking up a mood and giving your face a radiant.

 What if I told you that you could make the at home facial even more amazing! Here are some tips and tricks to add to your routine. No need to do them all at once. Just rotate or mix and match as you wish.

 1.  Add facial serum to your mask when you mix it up! This will add the amazing benefits of the raw oils and extracts to your mask as well as soften it up a bit, rather than the typical dry pull of the clay masks.

2.   Add regular exfoliation to your routine. Exfoliate several times a week and right before your mask treatment as well.  Exfoliation is an amazing skincare ritual that has many benefits. We will focus specifically on Exfoliation in a future post.

3.     You can mix and match masks as needed. If you need something soothing for chapped winter skin but also detoxifying and clarifying for oily/ congested skin, try combining a soothing mask such as the Rose and Aloe or the Pumpkin Pulp Mask with the Deep Cleansing Charcoal or Clarifying Green Tea Mask. This makes your facial options endless. Avapure offers masks trios too that is perfect for trying out mask mixing.

4.     Although you can mix your mask with simple things you already have such as water, milk, or juice- mixing your mask with Avapure’s Mask Tonic will add fabulous nutrients to your at home facial. The mask tonics are heavily concentrated with floral waters and extracts making them perfect for targeted skincare.

5.     If time is your biggest excuse for not doing an at home facial, try this little tip. Mix and apply your mask as usual. Next, use the cool setting on your hair dryer to speed up the drying process of the mask. This will cut your 10-15 minutes wait time to about 5 minutes. 

6.     If you have specific blemishes that need targeted treatment you can mix a very small amount of mask with Avapure’s Blemish Zap and apply to the blemished areas as needed. Leave the mask on for several hours or overnight.

 I would love to hear from you. Let me know what tips and trick you have tried and love!