These products are wonderful. Not only can I feel good about using them on my skin, since they are made of the most natural ingredients, but I can also support a hard-working lady at the same time! Win win. I have the Argan oil lip repair, the lip plumper, the pumpkin pulp soothing fruit mask, gardenia body wash, and the skin brightening gel facial cleanser. I have loved everything, but my absolute favorites are the argan oil lip repair, pumpkin mask, and facial cleanser.
— Heidi P.

Our Journey 

I have been a product junkie all of my life and searched aimlessly for the best products for my sensitive and problematic skin. When I began nearing my thirties, I began researching a different approach to healthy looking skin. My motivation at the time was inspired by the desire to become a mother and I wanted to clean up my routine by limiting the amount of chemicals I was taking in on a daily basis. I understood and practiced the idea of feeding our bodies with healthy, wholesome foods fresh from the earth rather than foods full of preservatives. I realized that the same should go for our skin, after all it is our body's largest organ. I began making a few products for myself and noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looked and felt. After doing lots of research and coming up with some unique creations I could call my own, I shared some basic skin care products and body lotions with family and friends. The feedback was great, as was the request for more products. It was then that Avapure was born.

Avapure has grown a lot in the past 10 years. I have continued doing a lot of ingredient research and experimenting with new recipes. Avapure now has a full line of skin care and body care products perfect for all ages. Using minimally processed all-natural and mostly organic ingredients, Avapure products will feed your skin with much needed vitamins and minerals. Avapure's product line will lead to healthier skin, which is something we can all smile about. Simple. Pure. Avapure.