Go Green

With Earth Day being tomorrow, I challenge you to reflect on your habits routines and make at least one simple change.  The choices are unlimited.  However, just one simple adjustment in your routine will make a difference for you and possibly open the door to other "greener" options.

Listed below are 20 suggestions, some simple and others a little more challenging and time consuming.  However, just try to make one change...it may lead to more.

  • Start a compost pile.

  • Make your own cleaning products or purchase earth friendly ones.

  • Swap out some OTC medications for herbal remedies.

  • Find a green shampoo/conditioner/body wash.

  • Purchase more organic products.

  • Plant something-flowers, garden, tree...

  • Join a co-op for fresh local produce or meats.

  • Take shorter showers.

  • Turn off the lights and open up the windows.

  • Take a bicycle, walk or carpool when possible.

  • Bring your own grocery bags when shopping.

  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood or at a local park.

  • Make nature crafts such as bird feeders or bird houses.

  • Use BPA-free reusable water bottles.

  • Get off junk mail lists.  GreenDimes can get you started.  They'll even plant a tree for you!

  • Landscape with native plants. Check out the article on the  EPA website.

  • Switch to fair trade coffee.

  • Do full loads of laundry and set the rinse cycle to "cold."

  • Teach your kids about the environment.

  • Buy in season.

Many of these things I do or they are on my list for this years changes.  If you need more information on any of these things or a specific how to, feel free to ask.  

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