Avapure products are crafted with the highest quality ingredients.

What does this mean?

We only use the highest quality oils and butters that have been minimally processed. This retains their naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that healthy skin requires. When possible, we use unrefined oils, butters and organic essential oils because we believe in simple products crafted with simple ingredients.

Avapure products are:

  • naturally derived ingredients
  • paraben free
  • sulphate/phthalate free
  • dye free
  • fragrance free

Avapure encourages you to make the switch to natural products created with nutritious plant based ingredients. Avapure is unlike the name brand products, which are full of potentially harmful chemicals.  You should know what is in the products you put on your body's largest organ (skin) and feel safe in doing so. With Avapure products, you are guaranteed the purest ingredients and highest quality products.

Since Avapure products are chemical free, the shelf life is shorter than most commercial products.  See my FAQ section for more information on how to get the most out of your Avapure products.