Best of 2013

As we wrap up 2013, and I sort through a year's worth of business paperwork, it got me thinking.  This year has definitely been a productive one in regards to Avapure and what we are doing behind the scenes as well as in the forefront.  I thought I would share some of my remeniscing on this year with a top ten list and highlighting the best of Avapure in 2013.

10:  Botanical Line:

The launch of my Botanical Line happened in January of 2013.  This was a year's worth of research, trial, testing, and more trial and testing all wrapped up in a nice little 5 product package.  With the majority of my customers finding they preferred this line over the older skin care items, Avapure gradually phased out some of the older (less sophisticated) products and streamlined the options.  That being said, there are still over 60 products offered (and some new ones in the works) so you can still customize your routine to fit your needs.

9:  Website:  

Just last month I was very excited to launch a new website (that includes this blog page too).  The old one was hard to navigate, didn't support easy one click shopping, and overall wasn't user friendly.  I wanted to offer my customers the luxury of online shopping with ease.  Better pictures, better information about the products, and easier navigation throughout the website.  You can even share my products on your favorite sites like Facebook and Pinterest with the click of the "share" button.  Go ahead, try it!

8:  Logo:  

With the new website came a new look.  Although I loved my original logo, I felt it wasn't the statement I wanted for my products.  Avapure represents clean and simple products for men and women of all ages.  It is not gender specific and isn't geared towards any particular age or personality group.  Just wholesome products fit for anyone and everyone that wants nature at the core of their beauty routine-the way it was intended.  

7:  Blog:  

With the new site came a new blog.  The concept was something I had piddled with before with newsletters but never in the blog form.  I am definitely loving this much better for many reasons, including the fact that I can use the blog as a sounding board for sharing naturalist ideas, remedies, and products!  I figure if I can just get a handful of people to toss their icky chemical laden products, then I have done a good deed for sure.

6:  Lab testing:  

With the growth of my business (and more complicated products), I wanted to ensure that I was offering the best, safest products to all my customers.  With that, I began lab testing products to determine the specific range of freshness as well as batch testing to test for contamination within small batches being made.  Honestly, there wasn't anything I was too surprised with after beginning my biology work, but did opt to make a few changes to a handful of products and omit a few products all together.  With that, some formulas have been tweaked a bit to help them last a couple months longer.   But keep in mind, everything Avapure will spoil at some point.  That's the idea behind the line-keeping it free of synthetics and as close to nature as possible and as we know, naturally things spoil so don't purchase something you aren't going to love and use up in a timely manner!

5.  Konjac Sponge:

I found an amazing product that compliments the nature loving, simple minded, product junkie personality that I am-the Konjac Sponge.  My previous blog entry highlights this amazing product so I will not elaborate too much.  However, this is something every person needs on their vanity.  I will never use anything else to wash my face (or body for that matter).  A-MAZ-ING!  Avapure now retails this little beauty, which was a super exciting milestone for the business.  

4:  Slogan:

Something that is now a slogan on my signs at parties and shows is a quote from a customer who was complimenting my products and said something that I absolutely loved because it was truly hit the Avapure nail on the head.

"Avapure products are like whole foods, clean eating for your face!" -Mylia R.

 LOVE IT-and yes they are!

3:  Blogged:

Avapure was blogged about for the first time this year.  It was such a cool thing.  Here is a link to it.

2:   Goals:

As all business owners do, I had set some personal business goals for 2013. Although I did not quite reach the sales numbers I had hoped, I met so many other business goals that I feel that 2013 was a definite success.  Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for Avapure.  (and you will definitely want to stick around because there are some pretty cool products in the works).

1:  Customers:

The loyalty of my customers are definitely my biggest accomplishment.  The hardest part of this job is encouraging people to make the switch.  I understand it is a leap to go from products that are mass produced in a factory with billions of dollars backing them. Those that have made the switch and shared my products with others are the reason I continue to run this business.  My motivation is to detox your beauty routine and I want to thank-you for allowing me to do that.  And kudos to you, the loyal customer, for taking charge of what goes on your body!  I have said it before and will say it again, your skin is your body's largest organ, take care of it!

Thank-you for an amazing 2013 and I hope to see you back in 2014.